English menu



We are a restaurant & meeting place where the common denominator is food cooked in our charcoal grill over fire. We cook with influences from all over the world with an emphasis on good ingredients. Here you mix wildly between snacks and mid-courses that are either shared at the table or eaten by yourself.

There is also always a good piece of good steak to share at the table from the charcoal grill. If you want, let us decide the menu according to what we ourselves like and sit back for a wonderful experience with food and drink.

It is simple, uncomplicated and very inclusive which invites conversation about food and drink, simply about the small joys of life.


Smoked Spanish almonds 55
Marinated Manzanilla olives 55
Pimientos de Padrón 65
Spanish crispy porkrinds 50
Coppa Rossa Amarone 85
Fuet & Salsiccia Romagnola 75
Cecina de León, dry aged beef 75
Salame Finnochiona 75
Everything above 465


We recommend that you order between 2-4 courses per person depending on what you choose. Its a nice way to eat with different flavours and if you feel for it, share the food over the table for more different flavours.

Focaccia, tapenade, olive oil  65

Anchoas Nardin, wild garlic mayo, sourdough bread, grilled lemon  120

Gambas, corn, Parmesan, green chili, Piment d’Espelette 180

Beef tartar, Parmesan, white onion, crispy garlic, roasted almonds, caesaraioli  180

Chicken & pork terrine, pickled mustard seeds, cornichons 145

Salmon sashimi, browned soy butter, spring onion, cucumber, buckwheat 175

White asparagus, lime hollandaise, pickled carrot, buckwheat, wild garlic 175

Arancini, green asparagus, taleggio, wild garlic crème, tomato, basil 185

Sliders – Chuck roll, brioche, onion chutney, Gruyere, crispy shallots, piparras 170

Cod, onion, hash browns, white wine sauce with anjovy,
bleak roe, dill oil 315


FOR THE KIDS  Sliders burger with pommes frites 135

French fries side order – 65


Striploin steak 200G | 350
Served with Ndujabutter, green asparagus, radish, red wine sauce, french fries

Rib Eye Steak 200G | 370
Served with silveronion, oyster mushroom, trufflebutter, , red wine sauce, french fries


Minimum 2 persons, the menu is for sharing at the table in three servings.

First serving
White asparagus and salmon sashimi

Second serving
Gambas served and beef tartar

Third serving
Striploin steak, nduja butter, asparagus,
radish, red wine sauce, French fries

575:- / per person


Ricottacheesecake with rhubarb and cookiecrisp 115

Milk chocolatemousse, marinated strawberries, lavender, browned butter crisp 105

Brillat Savarin, white mold cheese, apricot caramel, walnuts 95
Ice cream & sorbet – ask us for tonights flavours 45
Chocolate truffles  30


If you are a slightly larger group and want to sit apart, we offer our Chambre Separée – a private dining room with its own bar, room for 40 guests for lunch or dinner, its own bar, lounge and toilet and entrance directly from the street.

Here we celebrate birthdays, serve large dinners, arrange meetings, social gatherings and conferences. We help you find the right concept and atmosphere for your event. If you have a one-day conference, you can always finish with a tasting of beer, wine or drinks – a nice end to a long day.